Often you find yourself, a fresh and starry-eyed adventurer, beginning your journey with one simple request from the innkeeper: going down into the cellar and clearing out the rats. In Vermintide, a four player co-op action FPS, it seems the rat problem has gotten a little out of hand. Having risen up from below, the swarms of rat men known as Skaven are evicting the townspeople of Ubersreik and claiming the surface for their own. As one might expect, there were some disagreements over the proposal.

Fortunately, five bold adventurers have taken it upon themselves to carry out the much needed duty of exterminating the recent Ratmen infestation; the Witch Hunter, the Waywatcher, the Dwarf Ranger, the Bright Wizard, and the Empire Soldier. Though the lineup sounds like the start to a bad bar joke, each of them are very capable and offer their own unique style of play.

The game handles very much like Left 4 Dead but with the added layer of weapon traits and trinkets, which add a level of customization allowing you to tailor your hero to your needs. Granted, a lot of this determined by a random number generator, for both the gear and their traits. The loot system is very much a game of chance which can either make it more exciting or frustrating depending on how you feel about that sort of thing.

There are two game mode available in the form of missions and survival. Missions involve getting from point A to point B, completing an objective, then making your getaway back to the safety of the tavern that serves as the main hub. Whereas survival is simply a wave shooter for you to test how long you can stay alive. Both offer quite a bit of challenge, often in the form of Special rats that seek to separate and single out stragglers. Something that really reinforces the co-op aspect of the game.

Buying it now will set you back $29.99USD which is well worth it for the time I’ve had with it so far, but there’s always Steam sales to look forward to which typically cut the price down by half. And for being over a year old, it still has quite an active player base ensuring that you’ll find games to join with little trouble. There are definitely lulls in liveliness but there’s always players out there, swinging swords and slaying Skaven, but it’s best when you play with friends.