Looks like a new concept ship from CIG is on the horizon!

Ben Lesnick has answered in the latest Quantum Questions segment that “Life is like a hurricane” in response to what the next latest concept ship for Star Citizen would be. Redditor /u/Chappietime from the Star Citizen subreddit was able to make the connection between this quote and a Letter from the Chairman published in November 12th, 2014 to a concept ship known as the Anvil Hornet [Source]. With the identity of the next Star Citizen concept ship essentially being confirmed, I’d wanted to do a bit of theory crafting in regards to how this new ship will fit in the lineup of the many ships already existing in the ‘verse.

Anvil Hurricane: Some ships avoid dangerous encounters with speed, some with stealth and others with maneuverability. The Anvil Hurricane’s philosophy is that it should be able to blast anything that gets in its way out of the sky. The Hurricane won’t win any races and its electronic signature won’t let you sneak behind enemy lines… but it features a wide array of fully customizable small bore weapons hardpoints plus the ability to customize weapons types in several ways. Hurricanes are often used by militia squadrons and private organizations seeking to add a “heavy” to their lineup.

– Letter from the Chairman

We already know that Anvil Aerospace is very much an established player in the production of military spacecraft with their line of the F7 Hornet, F8 Lighting (exclusively used by the UEE), and the Gladiator. The real question is what type of role do we expect the Anvil Hurricane to fill that sets it apart from the tanky fighters such as the Hornet and the Lightning. While it is described as a “heavy” used by private militia and orgs, I can’t but help feel that its survivability won’t be it’s highlight when we already have the quite tanky Hornet occupying that role.

The F7C Hornet, the most popular model of Anvil Aerospaces

Instead I find CIG’s description of its “wide array of fully customizable small bore weapons hardpoints plus the ability to customize weapons types in several ways” as the key selling point of this ship in particular. While I don’t necessarily this ship will be a glass cannon per say, its main role I figure will be that of a bruiser. A ship that can be substituted in as a “heavy” but really outshines its peers in terms of armament.

Now the question is exactly how Hurricane will employ its weapon emplacements. I see two major routes CIG can go with this. First option is to give the Hurricane beyond the average number of weapons hard points for a ship of the fighter class. The higher weapon payload will certainly be able to easily boost the firepower of the Hurricane while sacrificing its maneuverability and its stealth as mentioned in the Letter for the Chairman. The second option (which I personally consider the more fun option) would be to give the Hurricane the ability to “overclock” its standard complement of the weapons and allow it to outperform its usual parameters for a short while. Maybe this can be done via giving better cooling abilities for its weapons or a powerful powerplant to power its weapons (once again sacrificing speed and stealth).

In the end, we will have to wait and see if any of my ramblings up to this point are shown to be correct or horrifically wrong (and embarrass this poor author in the process). However, I firmly believe the Anvil Hurricane’s main role would be that of a bruiser that blows in to dish out some major portions of whoop ass and promptly bugs out before it is overwhelmed. Maybe that Hurricane designation for the model is an apt description of this after all.