Hellion follow-up: “In Space, No One Can Hear You Scream ‘WTF?!?’”

Full Disclosure: I received Hellion for free from Zero Gravity Games. Three weeks ago I wrote an article on the upcoming Early Access release of “Hellion” by Zero Gravity Games. Hellion, for those who missed it, is a first-person, realistic, space survival game. The premise is simple: you are an average, every-day citizen of Earth who is on a colonization mission to the new star system called “Hellion.” Along the way, while in cryogenic sleep, something goes wrong. When you awaken you find yourself alone in a lifepod in the Hellion system. Nothing of what you were expecting is there: […]

Community Spotlight : Shive, The Most Decorated Racer In All of Star Citizen

Shive is a legend to Star Citizen fans that follow the competitive racing scene of Arena Commander. He’s currently #1 on the leaderboards for Old Vanderval and Rikkord Memoiral Highway, #2 on Defford Link and has remained undefeated on Old Vanderval for over 20 races.At one point the pilot dominated all 3 tracks. In addition to his own personal accolades he’s helped mentor new and existing Star Citizens in Test Squadron and has helped the organization secure the #1 spot across all 3 racetracks. Some might be surprised to learn that GOD_Shive, as he goes by these days (not his idea), hasn’t […]

Interview with Cameron Wilkie of Cloud Imperium Games on December 18, 2016

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Cameron Wilkie to talk some Star Citizen. We first meet a couple months ago when I was a volunteer at CitizenCon 2016. Cameron was our fearless leader for the eventful day. He is the Event Marketing Manager for Cloud Imperium Games and works out of the UK office. We discussed a variety of topics, as well as Cameron sharing some of his previous convention experiences with the Star Citizen community. We talked about upcoming events of all sorts for Star Citizen in 2017! Watch live at: https://twitch.tv/Stoutman_PR

Editorial: Star Citizen, Streaming, and PTSD

Editorial: Star Citizen, Streaming, and PTSD

Yesterday, October 16, 2016, marked a thirteen year anniversary which, in spite of my best intentions, I vividly recall each and every year. On October 16th, 2003 in Karbala, Iraq, three members of my first United States Army unit were killed in action. Their names were Corporal Sean Grilley, Staff Sergeant Joseph Bellavia, and Lieutenant Colonel Kim Orlando. These wasn’t the first deaths in Iraq I faced, nor would they be the last. But it was a turning point for me as a human being and a soldier. Colonel Orlando, despite his rank and the fact that he was my […]

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