I had a good laugh when I saw this because I have had the same experience many times until I figured out this one weird trick!

For some reason, the Star Citizen patcher loves to suck bandwidth. All of it!

A recent article from Alex Walker, writer for, reveals him having the same humorous experience of being responsible for a major outage.

Read more about it here:

Problem is, people did notice. The whole office in fact — because not longer after the crowdfunded gargantuan space epic began patching, the internet for the whole office went down.

I had a very extreme case of this when my home router went as far as doing a complete factory reset for reason I am still unable to explain!

I did spend some time researching solutions and one thing that did help was the follow:


I’m not sure if this solution still works for 2.5 and above, since the time of this video I upped my internet speed to 200Mbps and have not had any issues, but if you experiencing internet outages due to the Star Citizen patcher, give this a shot and let me know if it still works!