After a long period of waiting, signs are that 3.0 is close to being released to backers now that Evocati testers have they hands on it.

Evocati is the name given to a small (600 or so) group of Star Citizen backers who get the first shot at trying out the newest patches.

These new patches are usually riddled with bugs and crashes, usually making it a frustrating experience for the average gamer, thus the Evocati get first dibs on trying to find as many issues as possible and reporting them to the issue council.

From that point the issue council identifies the most important and problematic bugs, fixes them, and moves down the list until they get to the point where more testers can be brought into the latest patch.

Eventually, baring any serious blockers, the patch then goes out to the entire community. This process can be anything from two weeks to two month.

Backers are  hopeful this all happens within a few weeks surrounding Citizencon at the end of this month.