Slow tracking time-lapse video clips I recorded while playing Star Citizen Alpha 2.6 using a technique I developed over the past few months in combination with Star Citizen’s new “Director Mode” camera controls.

I ended up using about 1 hour and 55 minutes worth of footage that I speed up into the 15 minutes you see. However, I easily captured over 4 hours of footage, trying to get just the right speed, action, angles, etc. All scenes are in live games taken completely unscripted and as-is. Various locations include Port Olisar, Yela, Crusader, Area 18 ArcCorp, Station Demien and Echo 11.

The color/tone change you probably notice in some clips is a known bug that occurs in the Universe and ArcCorp modes. It does NOT affect Star Marine or Arena Commander modes. It’s basically a shift (sometimes subtle, sometimes quick) of color saturation, tone and luminosity (from orange-ish to blue-ish). I made a few of the clips black and white to try to hide the most severe instances of it. But yeah.. it’s annoying… especially sped up this fast. It becomes painfully obvious.