PC gamers might not be the biggest fans of the stunts that Rockstar Games have pulled in the past. Delays are always expected, originally RDR2 was supposed to be released in Fall 2017, but has now being pushed back to Spring of 2018.

Rockstar has built RDR2 from the ground up specifically for the new generation consoles. They cite this as the reason for the delayed release as they want to ensure they can deliver the best experience across platforms. In other words this is industry talk for “we ran into some horrible issues we need to sort out before we can release this or the gaming community will give us shitty reviews and complain a lot on Reddit!”

However, if these screenshots are an indication of what the actual finished product is going to look like, we will give them a pass on this, because this some serious eye candy!

The classic opening shot, this will end up as a poster hanging on a lot of walls.

Probably my favorite shot, the milky away visible above the glowing fire.

Lush green forrests, it looks like they nailed the flora pretty well here. Will the new consoles be able to keep frame rates up with this kind of detail? We will soon see.

Incredible detail on the pistols!

Foot prints in the mud, perfectly capturing the atmosphere of an old town of the era, but is that horse in the background not casting a shadow? I’m calling it, vampire horses are a thing in RDR2!

A good ole train heist!

Hopefully these few images will be the start of more teasers we get to see over the next few months!