The Outsider: Lessons from Twitch.TV

Do you ever feel like an outsider simply observing from the sidelines? I’m sure everyone has felt like that at some point in their life. For me, it’s a constant. I have a tendency to observe, but rarely have the confidence or drive to join in. Part of it is from a general lack of desire to join in—I do better on my own. But another part of me desperately wants to be a part of something but is way too anxious. A year and a half ago, that changed. I had been encouraged to start streaming videogames on a […]

How Star Citizen made me love graphic design again.

“Have you ever heard of Twitch?” We were sitting in the dark just talking.  This was December 2014, and while it was still early, the sun had already gone down.  The room was starting to get cold.  And we were talking yet again about Star Citizen. It seemed like he’d been talking about Star Citizen for as long as I’d known him.  We were both fellow gamers and writers, and he was just as excited about the lore as the gameplay.  I’d heard about the game before because of it’s unique funding efforts, but I was more concerned about playing […]

The Creative Writer: How to Stream Your Process and Entertain Viewers

The Creative Writer: How to Stream Your Process and Entertain Viewers

So you want to be an author, and you want to stream your creative process on Twitch. Or, at least, you think you do. The first question you need to be asking yourself is, “Why do I want to stream my writing process on Twitch?” Hopefully, I can give you an answer. But, before I do, let me explain a little about myself and why I’m writing this in the first place. My name on Twitch is ErikMcKetten. I have been streaming games for almost two years now, mostly a little independent game called “Star Citizen.” You may have heard […]

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