In an age old tradition, backers of Star Citizen love digging through the smallest details of concept art to find secrets, hints and hidden messages!

In the latest of these adventures, we find ourselves embarking on a journey to find the true size of a ship called the Banu Merchantman. This ship was originally announced in 2013 with little more than some early artwork and vague description of its role and purpose.

After much anticipation, some new clues emerged last week when a smaller Banu ship called the Defender was released. The fighter class ship came with new concept art that shows the fabled Banu Merchantman in the background!

With little else to fill our day, the top forensic jpeg analysts from r/starcitizen got to work!

Here is what we have extrapolated so far:

Banu Merchantman size

If the math checks out, the new length is 230m with a beam of 297m!

The reason that backers are excited is that the Merchantman was originally meant to be 100m in length. This new image, and if the analysis is even partially accurate, means that for your original $250 purchase, the ship has grown significantly!

To further back these assumptions, CIG has increased the price of the BMM to $350!

I took a deeper look into this most controversial of topics in the video below.

Give me your thoughts below, how big is it?