How big is the Banu Merchantman?

How big is the Banu Merchantman?

In an age old tradition, backers of Star Citizen love digging through the smallest details of concept art to find secrets, hints and hidden messages! In the latest of these adventures, we find ourselves embarking on a journey to find the true size of a ship called the Banu Merchantman. This ship was originally¬†announced in 2013 with little more than some early artwork and vague description of its role and purpose. After much anticipation, some new clues emerged last week when a smaller Banu ship called the Defender was released. The fighter class ship came with new concept art that […]

Star Citizen: Alpha 2.6 Beginner’s Intro Tutorial

This video covers the very basics of interacting in Star Citizen Alpha 2.6. Starting with how to customize your ship and then lift off. The video is long, but that is because I take you through the steps as if you were flying along with me. Twitch: Beam: Twitter: To join TEST Squadron:

Hellion Tutorial #2: Docking

In this tutorial I cover the basics of docking in the brand new early-access game from indie studio Zero Gravity Games. Keep up to date with the latest articles and videos here: Watch me stream live: And follow me on Twitter:

Some Gorgeous Timelapses of Star Citizen

Slow tracking time-lapse video clips I recorded while playing Star Citizen Alpha 2.6 using a technique I developed over the past few months in combination with Star Citizen’s new “Director Mode” camera controls. I ended up using about 1 hour and 55 minutes worth of footage that I speed up into the 15 minutes you see. However, I easily captured over 4 hours of footage, trying to get just the right speed, action, angles, etc. All scenes are in live games taken completely unscripted and as-is. Various locations include Port Olisar, Yela, Crusader, Area 18 ArcCorp, Station Demien and Echo […]

Amazon Lumberyard Getting Started, Download and Installing

Ever wanted to try out creating a game, but the software was out of your reach? Amazon Lumberyard is a free, cross-platform, 3D game engine integrated with Amazon Web Services (AWS) – Cloud Computing Services and Twitch. Lumberyard is also the engine that Cloud Imperium Games has picked to create Star Citizen on. The video tutorial linked below walks you through the steps in downloading and installing the Lumberyard engine onto your computer, The tutorial also covers how to set up add-ons and plugins. When you have finished the tutorial you will have installed and configured Lumberyard for basic development […]

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