How big is the Banu Merchantman?

How big is the Banu Merchantman?

In an age old tradition, backers of Star Citizen love digging through the smallest details of concept art to find secrets, hints and hidden messages! In the latest of these adventures, we find ourselves embarking on a journey to find the true size of a ship called the Banu Merchantman. This ship was originally announced in 2013 with little more than some early artwork and vague description of its role and purpose. After much anticipation, some new clues emerged last week when a smaller Banu ship called the Defender was released. The fighter class ship came with new concept art that […]

Star Citizen: Alpha 2.6 Beginner’s Intro Tutorial

This video covers the very basics of interacting in Star Citizen Alpha 2.6. Starting with how to customize your ship and then lift off. The video is long, but that is because I take you through the steps as if you were flying along with me. Twitch: Beam: Twitter: To join TEST Squadron:

Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Cure for My Blues

In the not-too-distant past, some Saturday or Sunday in the 1990s, there was a kid named Aric who was a little different from most of his friends. He lived in a small town in Washington where the epitome of culture was seeing how many Oly stubbies you could shotgun before the local high school football game and still manage to not fall down on the bleacher stairs. While other kids his age were outside playing games with such wonderfully hateful names as “smear the queer” – where one kid gets the football and everyone else tackles him in a dogpile, […]

Erik McKetten’s “Mass Effect Andromeda” Trial Copy Review (PC) (Minor Spoilers)

Over six hundred years after he first crawled into the cryotube, David Ryder snaps awake and sits up. His face is twisted into an inhuman rictus of confusion. The smirk he gives one of the attendants helps to explain his confusion: Ryder is a douchebag. Now he’s not a douchebag by game design – he’s a douchebag by my own design. My viewers and readers know I have a hell of an addiction to Mystery Science Theater 3000 and one of my all-time favorite episodes is “Space Mutiny.” In that movie the “hero” is a douchy muscle-bound moron played by […]

The TESTGaming.TV Game Review Scoring Guide:

This article simply serves as a handy guide for understanding TESTGaming.TV’s rating system for PC games. First of all, we only apply the score system to a game that is feature complete. IE: Betas or release candidates. No alphas or pre-alphas. It is not fair to the developer, even if they have released the game as an alpha, to apply all these metrics to a game that is not feature complete yet. Second of all, if it is a game with a definitive end, the reviewer owes it to the developer to attempt to play the game to the end. […]

Hellion follow-up: “In Space, No One Can Hear You Scream ‘WTF?!?’”

Full Disclosure: I received Hellion for free from Zero Gravity Games. Three weeks ago I wrote an article on the upcoming Early Access release of “Hellion” by Zero Gravity Games. Hellion, for those who missed it, is a first-person, realistic, space survival game. The premise is simple: you are an average, every-day citizen of Earth who is on a colonization mission to the new star system called “Hellion.” Along the way, while in cryogenic sleep, something goes wrong. When you awaken you find yourself alone in a lifepod in the Hellion system. Nothing of what you were expecting is there: […]

Star Citizen Hurricane – New heavy fighter

Star Citizen Hurricane – New heavy fighter

Has our demand for more dakka found its answer? The new heavy fighter was revealed on Friday, it is the Anvil Hurricane! A small ship that packs a big punch! Described as a glass cannon, it delivers what the description implies. Weighing in at  15,500kg, it is 7000kg lighter than the Super Hornet. This metric confused many at most because it is not heavy at all and is actually smaller in length as you can see by this side by side comparison: The heavy part of this fighter comes from the impressive weaponry that has been bolted onto the manned […]

Hellion Tutorial #2: Docking

In this tutorial I cover the basics of docking in the brand new early-access game from indie studio Zero Gravity Games. Keep up to date with the latest articles and videos here: Watch me stream live: And follow me on Twitter:

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